About Tea Leaves

Here are the essays I was allowed to write for seven years every other Sunday at the local newspaper, the Telluride Daily Planet.  It was a good run! I tapped into my family history (most requested), the good old days in a ski town, personal commentary on this, that and the other thing, and lots of off-the-wall stuff that was really fun for me.

It might very well have even been a lifeline, as a good friend of mine pointed out. Because during this time, I also experienced great personal loss and upheaval in my life. Sometimes the hours I spent writing could pull me out of it and into a place I felt truly at home — the most myself I could feel. The plasticity of the creative process was nothing short of transformative. It was so sweet to write for an audience I knew and loved. It was so sweet to put it out there.

Seven years was a good span of time. Now I’m trying something else.

I’d say my all time favorite fun piece was Gingerman, reflections of a semi-tough cookie. Most personal Tiny Buds. Just scan the categories I made up as I went and see what appeals. My last one, just to come full circle was about Tom Robbins, who was my main man (and pretty much every other woman my age’s) when I attempted writing my first novel in the 80s (which I’m resurrecting at DreamingofLaSal.com).


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